January 13 Meeting Results

We had nominal attendance at the January 13th meeting with Lloyd King and myself in attendance.  We discussed Lloyd’s recent episode of slowness with his iMac and reloading the OS at the Apple Store in University Village and transfer of data from his backup.  Use of a “COO” (from Amazon) bluetooth keyboard for iPad’s was reviewed and features demonstrated.  After two weeks of use the bluetooth keyboard works as stated and is quite sturdy.



New “default” dBug Cafe’ location

Due to the weekend closure of our former “default” meeting location, we have begun using a nearby coffee shop instead:

Cherry Street Coffee House, 500 Fairview N, Seattle.

As noted elsewhere, it’s just west of the Row House, where we used to meet. The dBug Cafe’ page and the Events Calendar have been updated to reflect the new location.  – Dick H