About this site . . .

The Exchange is the online presence of dBug, the Macintosh user group for Seattle and environs. We welcome members and visitors to our community.

If you are using a browser on a computer or a tablet in landscape mode, the site’s menu is on the left of your screen. If you are using the browser on your tablet in portrait mode or a smart phone, it is at the top of the page. The page you see when you first access the site contains posts of recent activity. The rest of the site is accessed via the links in the menu.
In the Meta menu there are two useful links: Entries RSS and Comments RSS. If you use an RSS reader, you can be notified of new posts and comments via your reader, instead of checking the site itself. If you’d rather, you can also set up email notifications if you wish.
Other links in the Meta menu go to WordPress itself or to the administrator of this blog.

Your Voice
You can comment on this and the other pages. You don’t have to fill out the email and other information unless you want to. You can just click the ‘Post’ button. Optionally, sign your comment or provide your contact information.
If you would like to see material presented more formally, contact us via one of the Comments forms with your proposal. We’re able to create new pages that are listed in the menu for you. We’re highly oriented to Macintosh computers, IOS devices, and related hardware, software, and uses, so make sure your material relates to those things in some way.

For years, dBug maintained an online presence using FirstClass software, known  as the ExChange. This system became harder to use: the server-side software was expensive to update and special client software was required. In addition, the hardware on which the FirstClass software ran became increasingly unreliable. This blog, begun in December 2013, moves the Exchange to the Internet and requires no special hardware or software, just an internet-connected device with a browser.


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