In Memoriam

Austin Wolff

We recently received notice of Austin Wolff’s passing on March 1, 2016. Austin was a constant supporter and participant in dBug up until the last weeks of his life. He will be missed. If you have remembrances of Austin to share, you can email them directly to his daughter Lezlie at Alternatively or in addition, add them as a Comment using the form at the foot of this page.

On 7-17-16, The Seattle Times published a short obituary in Section B on page 7. It reads:  “We honor Austin for his full life,” wrote cousins. “Austin, creative force for so much good. My confident friend and brother,” sister Doris. “Uncle, mentor, curmudgeon and philosopher, investor, war time defender,” from cousins. Comrade in arms with Bertram Stone and Lionel Vessiere, AF navigator, pilot, sailor, race car driver, photographer, racehorse owner, NACA (NASA), engineer, entrepreneur, skier, runner, adventurous gourmand, and dBug Exchange (Apple Users Group) member from early on. Happy sailing, Dad!

A full-length obituary is available online. The family would still appreciate any comments or remembrances you would like to share as described in the first paragraph, above.


Allan Swensson

Allan was a long-time, active dBug member and served as our president on more than one occasion. He passed away unexpectedly on 11/7/15 at the start of his long-awaited retirement in Thailand. Read his obituary and the memories of others here.

Curtis Snow

Curtis Snow was honored at Tahoma National Cemetery at 10:30 AM on June 26 with military honors by fellow Marines and Veterans of Foreign Wars. Friends from the Baloney group and dBug were there to pay respects (in a fairly jovial way of which Curtis would have approved.) Here’s a photo of the assembled group:

For Curtis at Tahoma

Please feel free to add remembrances of Curtis using the Comments feature below. These are excerpts from recent missives concerning Curtis:

“So even as a good chunk of my life is now gone, I can say without a doubt, my life was made better by knowing Curtis Snow. So Curtis, where ever you’re going, give ’em hell & remember, never let the bastards get you down.”

“He looked far too tired to stay with us.  But still with us he is, to our good fortune . . . “

“I have advice notes from him that date from the last 15 years in my “helpful hints” file.”

“Curtis was an amazing person. Peace.” 

4 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. A former member of dbug i have been on the E.Coast since 2001.I always appreciated Curtis’s commentary as a member at large, Three years late, nothing but respect!

  2. I am so very sorry to hear this (it was reported on the Vanguard literary science fiction list). When I was involved in dBUG in the 1990s Curtis was an absolute mainstay of the organization. A great guy; wish he’d had more time here.

  3. Curtis Snow has been a tech guru around dBUG for more years than I can remember. Does anybody know what year Curtis joined dBUG? I had no idea Curtis was near death. He will be missed, that is for sure. Curtis, Thanks for all your help fixing the digital jams so many of us dBUG members found ourselves in from time to time.

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