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27 thoughts on “Mentors

  1. On April 8th there will be hands on use of a new (refurb) iPhone 6s. We will go over some power saving tips for the same device and discuss depreciation of 32 bit apps. Time permitting we will also review methods for repairing frayed insulation on computer cords, review an iPad/Phone non MS office suite app, and the Mail Command-Option-U feature to visualize headers.

  2. For one thing, Outlook 2016 for Mac users cannot customize the Quick Access Toolbar of Outlook for 2016 (a descent of Word for Mac 5.1’s customization features.) QAT allows me to run at work without seeing the clunky ribbon…

  3. Am not a fan of Office 2016 for Mac. It has far fewer customization features than Office 2011 for Mac — and compared to Offuce 2016 for Windows, well it’s like using ClarisWorks instead Word 5 for Mac.

  4. Two weeks ago we had a request for technical support from Jill of Wenatchee. She found us on the Apple User Group web site. Jill operates Mystical Places Press, a publisher of limited edition, hand crafted books that celebrate the natural environment.

    Jill needed to upgrade to Yosemite but it was unavailable to her on the Mac App Store. It has been reported that some would lose access to OS upgrades on the App store for reasons unknown. Many times people forget that to have future access to a given OS version you have to download it at least once. After that you will have access to the download in perpetuity. You do not have to install it and can simply trash the OS if you no longer need it.

    Fortunately one of our members, Wil, had a copy. Jill sent him a blank USB thumb drive and he downloaded Yosemite onto it. Using DiskMaker X 5, he created a bootable USB drive for her, and mailed it back via prepaid postage.

    Jill reported that Yosemite installed successfully and works fine and is grateful for the assistance that dBug provided.

  5. Am setting up a “new” MacMini2,1 Intel Core2Duo@1.83GHz w/2GB, 80.03GB,w/ separate Time Capsule. First; wl Time Cap function as interface between mini and internet wifi, or wl i better use ol’ Netgear router? Care about security, to set up the best possible, and then let go concerns re that issue.
    Long range plan is to go to wired connection. Right now is to catchup w/online banking Billpays as needed and only wifi now available… thx, other points later, LG
    PS happynewyears……

    • I have a similar setup. I decided to rely mostly on the Time Capsule/Airport security settings. My Netgear router has a firewall too, but the most strict setting seemed to interfere with some functions on my Mac, notably incoming mail. I used a less restrictive setting, but I don’t think it was necessary to use the Netgear firewall at all. I don’t think it is harmful to “stack” firewalls like that. A separate setting, which makes it undetectable to others, might be useful. –Dick H

    • I agree with Richard in that I do not think it hurts to stack firewalls but not sure if any benefit either. Just do not know.
      I have never had a problem using on router firewall and only once fired up Mac firewall but noticed a couple of web sites were not available. So shut the firewall down.

  6. I need advice regarding upgrading my operating systerm from 10.7 to the most recent (10.10?). Are people having a tough time with iPhoto working the same? That’s been the real reason I haven’t wanted to upgrade. I like many aspects of iPhoto, but I hear it is going to be phased out. And, more importantly, are there any known issues regarding upgrading and having programs not work? Thanks!

    • I believe you are referring to the new Photo app. rather than the old iPhoto. As long as iPhoto is installed prior to upgrade it will still work and providing you are upgrading and not doing a fresh install. What mac do you have, how much ram and what is your current operating system?

      • I like some things about the new Photo, but I did NOT like the uninuititive way I founmd out I needed to use it. Took about a month to get Photo syncing with my iPhone and I still sometimes have to email pictures to myself to download them on my Mac. Still running Yosemite, as am exhausted from updating my computers on that other platform…(iCloud photo sync works better omn Windows than it does on my Mac :(I

    • Another point is to never open pictures in the new Photo app. I am not sure about Yosemite but if this is done in El Capitan it will never open in a lower number OS such as 10.10.x

  7. Lessons learned from the Mac adventure: The consumer should activate AppleCare, not the dealer. Get a printed receipt for everything. If activation not confirmed w/in 72 hours of activation, CALL 1 (800) 275-2273 and get it solved including setting date of purchase to when you bought computer, not the dealer.

  8. The staff at TD Curran DID work hard to solve issues and gave a good price. The computer is fairly recent, NOT something on the shelf. And it beats shifting to Windows 10.

  9. No more third party Apple Resellers for me. Got a MacBookPro from TD Curran in Issaquah. Got a good trade in on my old machine and I bought AppleCare Salesman said he would register AppleCare for me. After a week of no AppleCare coverage showing up, I called Apple and got the coverage I paid for. And Apple corrected the purchase date from the day the retailer apparently received it from “Ingram Micro (a wholesaler?) to the day I bought it from the retailer. Fool me once….

    • I think there’s a 100% chance that it will – both Adobe and Apple have massive incentives to ensure that it will. But we weren’t testing for that. Our Office Apps guru, John Livingston, will be among the first to know, since he uses CS5 a lot. – Dick H

      • Might want to get an expert opinion on that. Adobe is heavily pushing its Creative Cloud software-for-rent program and CS5 is two versions back.

  10. Sorry for my absence of late. My work comes in waves, and have been and will continue to be inundated for the next five days — then it goes back to giving me time to breathe on weekends. Huge workload in InDesign CS6 with forays into Microsoft Word 2013, PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator CS6, Add to that the tedious process of making our PDFs ADA-f08 compliant. Theoretically, the material has to read aloud for a sight-imparied person listening to assistive reading technology — n exactly the same order as the eye would read it. That means making all graphics inline with text, and arranging article reading and item tab orders first in InDesign and then in Adobe Acrobat Professional XI, which manages to scramble the read order and strips Alt-tags from the pictures. And am under pressure to LEAN the process and eliminate do-overs. Oh, yes, and any training is up to me to find. Steep learning curve. Beats unemployment. If Congress doesn’t cut my position, have another year to do this. Unfortunately, this is all done on Windows computers, but all of the software except the Microsoft stuff runs pretty much the same on Macs.

  11. Had toi do a St. Vitus Dance to get my MacBookPro to connect to my new HP 401 printer via TCP-IP. HP’s software wouldn’t recognize it, until I made it a Bonjour printer using Apple’s control panel. Ironic. I got rid of a Brother printer after a Windows 8.1 update rendered ITS TCP-IP capabilities useless. Works now, though

  12. MacBook Pro reports it will take 10 hours to download a 1.69 GB iPad update. Currently running between 43 and 101 KB/s on Telco’s (CenturyLink’s) ZyXel 5001Z modem, hardwired (Airport even slower). Telco says they are delivering 12 MB/s to my doorstep and nothing wrong at their end. Apple Store told me to delete network preferences but that isn’t explaining discrepancy between speeds. And didn’t help. Telco said only way to speed it up was to pay for a business line. I HATE Comcast, but looks like only option. Not in Pioneer’s turf.

    • DId two things that ended the drama: 1. PAUSED the iPad update (that command wasn’t there the first time) and restarted the modem. 2. Since the upgrade took all night, had to start teleworking with my employer’s Windows notebook that morning. Left the MacBookPro plugged in and downloading;. The Windows notebook was only slightly slower than normal! And once I got into my work Remote Access site; on it, the MacBook suddenly started downloading at close to normal speed! And finished updating the iPad!

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