Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (known as “SIGs”) discuss specific areas of interest within the Macintosh community. There are currently three active SIGs, the FileMaker Pro Group, the Office Applications SIG, and the Mac Genealogy Group. They are described further in the separate pages linked from their names. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert in a particular SIG. Each SIG attracts new as well as experienced users and all are welcome.

Most SIG meetings are held monthly. Check the Events Calendar for the dates of current meetings. Note that the Office Application SIG is an online SIG: just visit the page to ask questions or make comments.

You don’t have to be a dBug member to attend a meeting or visit a forum, although we do encourage you to join dBug if you find them beneficial.

Want to start a SIG in your own area of interest? Start by using the Comments form to find out if others are also interested. Describe what you would like to discuss and how the SIG would proceed. It doesn’t have to be a regular, physical meeting. We can set up a page on this site for your SIG members to talk to each other.


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